Waverley was founded to bridge the gaps and break down the barriers that exist in the efficient flow of private equity capital in Canada.

The IIROC (Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada) dealers that have a national presence typically do not focus on private companies, especially if they are small-cap or micro-cap. Exempt Market Dealers (EMDs), which do focus on smaller private companies, tend to be lacking scale and relationships beyond their local market. There is also little communication amongst EMDs and transactions are rarely syndicated. Waverley is building a national platform of Dealers with proven track records of success.

This platform allows issuers to leverage institutional and high-net-worth relationships across the country, not only in their local markets. We offer our dealers the opportunity to leverage the platform to increase the distribution potential for any new financing, which will facilitate quicker closings, exposure to more potential investors, and potentially higher valuations.

We provide our dealers with a platform consisting of best practice compliance, due diligence, communication, and technology, allowing them to spend more time adding value to our clients.