Empowering the flow of private equity capital in Canada


Don McDonald, CEO has dedicated his career to helping small and mid-size companies get to the next level.


As a CEO, board member, private equity investor, investment banker, senior banker, and advisor Don has been active in the SME market for close to 30 years.  He is passionate about breaking down the barriers that exist for small Canadian companies to thrive, and founded Waverley to do just that.

Don has been involved with Canadian businesses ranging from start-up to TSX listed companies and has served on the boards of numerous public and private companies. He has witnessed first-hand the issues that companies face at various stages of their life-cycle.

Waverley is one of the most sophisticated Exempt Market Dealers in Canada right now and is leading the field with their compliance systems.

— Adam Gant – REAfe Advisory
I’ve known Don for 18 years and he is truly one of the good guys. Waverley’s model greatly enhances small operators’ ability to compete in a complex market and regulatory environment.
— Gary Lifman - Managing Partner, Farber Financial Group
Waverley is a great idea and a credit to Don’s sense of innovation. In a market where it is tough being a smaller firm, Waverley’s model helps firms be competitive by allowing them to focus on their core expertise.
— Colin Walker - Managing Partner, Crosbie & Co.

As an experienced issuer and one of the first registrants in this market in 1975, we have seen the exempt market through many cycles and changes, as we have dealt with our many thousands of individual investors. Waverley’s unique approach to business and the capital markets is refreshing, and has greatly enhanced our capital raising initiatives.
— Greg Marchant - Founder, MM Realty Partners International Inc
Don understands the inefficiencies in Canada’s private capital markets and is determined to bring better compliance and transparency through innovative models. In an industry ready for disruption, Don has the experience and the talent to make it happen.
— Sandi Gilbert - CEO & Founder, SeedUps Canada
Don is a true visionary in our industry
— Todd Gillick - Executive Wealth Manager Path2Wealth Financial Solutions