Waverley is building a national Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) platform of Dealing Representatives with proven track records of success. 

Most EMDs tend to lack scale, have poor communication with other dealers, don't typically syndicate transactions, and have relationships that are limited to their local market. In addition, EMDs are facing increased regulatory scrutiny and costs including:

• Registration
• Compliance
• Insurance (E&O, D&O)
• Audit (IFRS required for 2012)
• Administration and accounting
• Databases
Waverley offers our Dealers a turn-key, best-practices platform at a fraction of the cost of an individual dealer going alone. We provide everything listed above as well as provide the Chief Compliance Officer function, data rooms, file storage, communication tools, due diligence templates, financial templates and much more. Our service offering will continue to expand making our value proposition even more compelling to Dealers.

Most importantly, we offer our Dealers the opportunity to participate in a national platform, which we believe is unique in Canada. Our platform gives our dealers significantly increased distribution capabilities in geographic markets where they may not have existing relationships. This implies exposure to more investors, quicker closings, potentially higher valuations, and happier clients. In additions our Dealers may have the opportunity to participate in transactions originated in our network, providing increased revenue possibilities.

See if you qualify for our program. Contact us today.